Binmaley Baptist Mission
In 2017, the Lord carefully led us to the small
village of Caloocan in Binmaley. Following
our three step process of Evangelism,
Discipleship and Leadership Training, we
were able to organize Binmaley Baptist
Meet the National Pastor
Pastor Jojit
2015 Graduate of
Cherith Bible Institute of Pangasinan
Pastor Jojit has been with us from the very beginning of our
ministry. He was an 8 year old child in Christie's first Bible club
back in 2003. He has completely surrendered his life to full time
ministry and God is doing amazing things through him! We were
able to turn this local church over to him completely in 2019.
One thing about this area is that they are absolutely hungry for the gospel. This was the most
accepting village we have worked in. Their hearts were ready and soft for the gospel, and they
have such a zeal to grow in the Lord.
These folks had to overcome many obstacles, including being "homeless" for a few months.
They had to meet under a barrowed porch, but continued to prosper.
God graciously provided a large building for us to rent in 2018, where the church still meets today.
Once in the new church building, we continued to lead for about 6 months before completely
handing the work over to Pastor Jojit.
Today, the church is thriving and growing leaps and bounds. We are already
praying for a permanent meeting place for the future!