After one year, the Bible Study outgrew the Basto Family's home and
after much prayer, the Lord provided a large tent that had to be
assembled each week for services. We were so thankful for all the
space, and continued to meet there for nearly another year. We began
praying for the Lord to provide something more stable and durable for
the heavy storms that pound each year.
In 2005, the Lord graciously provided us with a house to rent.  We
were so thrilled to have  roof over our head, but knew it was only
temporary. We were still growing and would soon need more space.
We prayed for 2 years for a larger, more permanent building that we
could finally call our own.
In 2007, the Lord allowed one of our members to hear about a large
building that was for sale. It needed A LOT of work, but we noticed it
had a lot of potential. As soon as we saw it, we envisioned our future
church. The Lord miraculous provided the funds to purchase the building
and we soon got to work transforming the old building into a church.
We finished completely remodeling the building and officially became
the Lighthouse Baptist Church in 2007. Lighthouse is now a thriving,
independent church which also is home to Cherith Bible Institute.
In 2003, Pastor Basto and his family arrived in Bolosan, a barangay of
Dagupan City,  in hopes of starting the first Fundamental church there.
After much visitation a small Bible study with two ladies  was started in
their home. Within a few months, it grew to about 15 people