The Basto Family Field Update
The Bamboo Bulletin: January 2020
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It really is hard to write about
everything  that God is doing  on
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small glimpse into our life and
work here in the
Ferd & Christie Basto
Serving in the Philippines since 2003
Wonderful News!
After nearly 7 years of praying, one of our church plants has seen the Lord answer a major prayer request. Mountain View
Baptist has needed their own place so badly. They have been meeting under a tent since they outgrew the small rental
building, and dealing with mud and rain from rainy season. It has been a truly trying time for them. Within the past couple
of months, the Lord has met their need! They have been saving and faithfully giving to a Faith Promise program, trusting
the Lord to provide the need in His perfect time. The Lord opened up a small piece of land, and they finalized all the
papers this past month! The LAND IS THEIRS! Thank You, Father!!  They have spent the past month clearing and cleaning
the land. Everyone has gotten involved : children, men, women and even the elderly! They have waited so long for this
moment, and they are so excited!
For now,  they are building a small temporary shelter made of wood they cut themselves in the jungle. What a huge
undertaking and huge labor of love! The work is extremely difficult, but they are just so thankful to see God providing
this great need! I know He will complete this for them!!!!
Once the wood was cut and gathered,  the temporary shelter started going up! Mountain View Baptist is getting closer
and closer to finally having their very own place of worship. Please pray that the Lord will bless our furlough trail so
that we can help them get this church built when we get back
After much hard work, the members slowly saw a structure going up! What a joy when the little shelter was finally
finished and they were able to finally meet under it! They worshipped on their new land for the first time this past
Sunday! It’s just a rough, open shelter but at least they are on their way to having their own place!