Mountain View Baptist Church
Located in the mountains of San Fabian,
Pangasinan, MVBC was started in 2012
In 2014, the Lord graciously provided a small building for us to rent which provided
more safety from typhoon season.
We then successfully turned the church over to
one of our trained national pastors.
Today, Mountain View Baptist is
growing and thriving under their
pastor, Ronald
, and his wife,
Christina. The church is in
desperate need of a bigger place to
They are fervently praying
and saving through a faith promise
program for the Lord to provide a
piece of land to build on or an
affordable building that can meet
their rapid growth.
Please be in prayer for this vibrant,
flourishing church as they continue
to be the light in the village of San
We began in a bamboo shelter in front of one of the
member's homes, where Ferd taught the adults in the
front and Christie taught the children in the back. We
met there under the bamboo shelter for a over a year
as this local church was being formed.
Pastor Ronald
& wife, Christina
(son- Aaron)

2014 Graduates of
Cherith Bible Institute of Pangasinan
Meet the National Pastor